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How Glenys Got Her Strut Back! » tall_girl_short_guy



  Anonymous wrote @

My GF 0f four years is much taller than I. I am around 5’6-5’7 and she is 5’10. We are getting married in Novemer.

Short guys-all you have to be is confident about your height and make the tall girl feel good about her height and everything else will be gravy. (Like you have to be super confident, to the point you tell her that you want her to wear heals even though it would make her even taller. Tell her that you love how tall she is and she looks like a model.)

I find that short girls always want to date super tall guys. And tall guys are intimidated by girls that can look them dead in the eye.

So in my opinion, a confident short guy, and a gorgeous tall girl are a match made in heaven.

  Glenys Vargas wrote @

This is a great comment! Thank you for sharing your story. They say all we need is love, but we also need the confidence to do so. I wish you both lots of happiness and thanks again for commenting.

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