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Eurovision Song Contest 2010…here I come!

Oslo, Norway May 2010

It’s All About You!

The USA does not qualify to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest but Americans can perform with European contestants and that is exactly what I will be doing at the end of May.

I will accompany the contestant representing Albania, Juliana Pasha, along with two other American singers, Desirée Kedjour and Joy Garrison.  “Nuk mundem pa ty”, its original title, was written by Ardit Gjebrea and Pirro Çako The official song presentation ‘It’s All About You’ can be viewed on Youtube but if you are in any of the countries where the Eurovision Song Contest is broadcast, please tune in and show your support by casting your vote.

While in Oslo…

As a jazz singer, I look forward to sitting in at the local jazz clubs while in Norway. I plan to also sample as much authentic Norwegian food as I can find. Then, I will write about all I discover in Oslo, so stay tuned!

Eurovision Song Contest:

  • First Semi-Finals: Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 (Catch me singing when Albania performs!)
  • Second Semi-Finals: Thursday, May 27th, 2010
  • Finals: Saturday, May 29th, 2010

The Eurovision Song Contest will also be streamed live on


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  batcha wrote @

My favorite one is Georgia this year!

  Glenys Vargas wrote @

She’s got a great voice and that black dress in the video is gorgeous, but the song is a bit Celine Dion-ish from back in the 90s…but that’s just my opinion. This may sound completely biased, but I love Albania’s song this year, aside from that, I also think Isreal’s song is very moving. May the best song win!

  TP Loupes wrote @

Have my reviews done justice to the entries? I’m kind of new with the whole Eurovision thing.

  Glenys Vargas wrote @

My opinions on the various songs vary from yours at times and in others I agree. I’ll be writing a full article on my Eurovision experience including my favorite songs and singers along with a list of those who were complete divas backstage. Stay tuned!

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