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Eurovision Me!!!!

Glenys Vargas for Eurovision 2011

After the exciting Eurovision experience in May, I have become addicted to Eurovision and I want more! During my two weeks in Oslo, I observed, absorbed and learned a lot about Eurovision and subsequently wrote my songs using all of that insight. I have chosen to feature London rapper Kevin Ettienne in this endeavor because he adds an exciting element  to the music and a flair to the stage.

We are all different and yet we share so many similarities.

Eurovision features 25 countries where many countries vote for their neighbors simply because of their familiarity with them. As an artist, I want to connect with every single person from every country on this earth because we may be different but our humanity unites us. We all smile when we’re happy and cry when we’re sad. We live, we grow and we love each other in the same ways. However, we allow the world to separate everyone into groups. Then the world builds fences around each group so that we only feel safe within its walls. It isn’t until you wander beyond those barriers that you realize, we are different and yet we are the same. There is an ancient saying that states ‘It takes a village to raise a child‘. It means that the influence of a mother and father only goes so far. There is also the influence of friends, family, neighbors, teachers and anyone in contact with that child. I believe this saying is true but I dare take it a step further…

It takes a world to make a man.

The first song I wrote for Eurovision is about this. Every person we meet influences us. When we travel and experience different cultures, languages, food, music and ideas, we grow as human beings. Life is the best university there is and when it is peppered with a variety of spices from all over the world, it is enhanced into the most delicious concoction you could have ever imagined.


I see myself on that Eurovision stage in Düsseldorf along with London rapper Kevin Ettienne. We are submitting two amazing songs that we are certain you will enjoy. We believe in infusing this competition with positivity. That is the element that describes our second song. Through positivity, anything is possible. In most cases, you hear a song by an artist, you watch the video but you never really know what they are thinking. We have decided to change things around. We are here, we have something to say and we want you to hear it. We have songs that have real meaning and you can dance to them as well. We feel talent is important, the music is important, the lyrics are important, the message is important, because in the end it is the best way for us to connect with you.

Introducing Kevin Ettienne…

“The Eurovision song contest is a great way for any individual to express their words, emotions and feelings through song and at the same time reaching a large audience. Over the years the contest has portrayed a wide spectrum of music and we as a public were able to experience cultural diversities and various ethnic infusions. If you look at the world stage of music as we know it today, there is somewhat of a trend to incorporate an element of non-typically European sounds and vocals mirroring society as we know it. For example, the Afro-Caribbean community in the UK represents a significant proportion in society, therefore, it is inevitable that the fusion of afro music with European elements play a major role in shaping the music industry. Me being a rapper, I think that the sound I would bring, will open many doors to those that may have turned a blind eye to the contest or for those that would like to see their genre represented . Hip Hop, rap and ragga-style have played a major role in music charts around the world and in such a prestigious event like that of the Eurovision Song Contest, I believe it would be a great way to break down barriers and build a united hope.” – Kevin Ettienne

Watch the Flash Mob music video for ‘Let The Music Unite Us’

Introducing the Glenys Vargas for Eurovision 2011 Team

Isa Melikov:

One of Azerbaijan‘s top producers, Isa has composed an amazing song that will make you groove to its enticing rhythm.

Freddy the Groove:

F.T.G is an international DJ who has lent his talents in remixing and mastering one of our superb songs.

Luciano Zanoni:

A world-class pianist who created the arrangement for one of our songs.

We would like to send a special thanks to Christian Cutuli, Francesco Morettini and Filippo Saccucci for their amazing collaboration.

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Glenys Vargas feat. Kevin Ettienne for Eurovision 2011


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  Astrid & Guri wrote @

Hi Glenys! We think this is all very exciting! We write a blog about Eurovision Song Contest and we would really like to write a blog post about your attempt to enter ESC in 2011, to share with our readers and support you as a candidate.

Have your found a country that you’d wish to represent? Is it the UK? Have you been chosen as a representative by a country already or have you been selected to compete in a national final? Perhaps this is still highly guarded secrets, but if you would like to share this information with us, so we can promote you on our blog, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or Facebook.

And we wish you the best of luck!!!! We think this is so cool! Hope to see you in Düsseldorf next year:-)

Astrid & Guri <3

  Glenys Vargas wrote @

Hi Astrid & Guri,

Yes, that sounds great. I’ll send you my email address and if you send me all of your questions, I’ll answer them for your blog. Thanks, Glenys

  IYMOC wrote @

I want to contact you pertaining to your design: hands on the globe. Pls i will like to have your mail.

  Glenys Vargas wrote @

I do get your comments, so feel free to ask any questions in the comment. As far as the photos that I have used, I get them from what WordPress reccommends. There is a selection of images that appear as I write my posts. I don’t own the one you mentioned. I usually select from the ones suggested by WordPress. You can do the same or copy and paste the one you mentioned from my blog. I hope this answers your question.

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