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The Most Amazing Flash Mob Italy Has Ever Seen!

Let the Music Unite Us!

Saturday morning, January 15th, 2011

Watch the Flash Mob music video!

Cliccare qui per la versione in Italiano Watch the UPDATED video of the choreography!

The Most Amazing Flash Mob Italy Has Ever Seen! Rome – January 2011

Have you always wanted to participate in a flash mob? Well, here is your chance! We are organizing the most amazing Flash Mob that Italy has ever seen in Rome during mid-January. In order to participate, simply send an e-mail to this address with the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. E-mail Address
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Two character types that resemble you most: See list below.
  5. Dance-ability – Group A, B, C, D, E: Select the Group which describes you best from the list below.
  6. Print the liberatoria (Italian only), sign it, scan it and e-mail it or confirm that you’ll bring the original on the day of the Flash Mob.
  7. Are you over or under 18?
    • If you are under 18, you must have written permission from your parents. Print the liberatoria_minorenni (Italian only), have it signed by your parents/legal guardians, scan it and e-mail it when you sign up.

(Please note: In order to print the ‘liberatoria’, you must click on the link, which will take you to a subsequent link. Click on it again in order to view the form.

The concept:

The borders of the world divide us and we are all different but we share so many similarities so…Let the Music Unite Us! We are competing in the pre-selection for Eurovision 2011 with this song. The Flash Mob video will be shown in every country where we compete for the pre-selection.

Who are we looking for?

This event is open to people of all ages. If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent’s written permission. The choreography will be simple in order to include the largest amount of people possible. Types of characters and attire:

  • Business People: dressed in suits with a briefcase.

  • Punk Rockers

  • International/ Expats

  • Hip-Hop/Rappers

  • Goth/Vampire

  • Pariolini/ Chic Fashionistas

  • Dancers/Athletes

  • Schoolchildren: in uniform if possible
  • Workmen
  • Polizioti/Carabinieri/Military: in uniform

  • Senior Citizens

  • Differently Abled: wheel chairs are welcome

  • Tourists: with visible cameras and shopping bags

If you don’t fit into any of these types, then we REALLY want you! We would like to include as many different types of people as possible, all dancing together to the music that unites us!

How to learn the choreograpy…

The simple choreography is taught through a video on Youtube. Rehearsals will be arranged for those who need further instruction.

What is your dance-ability?

  • Group A: Trained Dancers – Capable of complex choreography. Dancers will begin the song and do a separate dance during the rap.
  • Group B: Capable of simple choreography starting from the end of the second verse which includes the ‘Electric Slide’.
  • Group C: Will begin during the chorus with a simple choreography.
  • Group D: Will begin during the second part of the chorus
  • Group E: Everybody! Whoever is left will join in during the rap while the Group A is dancing a more complex choreography. After the rap, little by little, everyone will begin to include all of the observers until everyone within reach is dancing together.

Once the exact date is chosen, you receive all necessary details via e-mail:

  • date
  • time
  • place
  • clothing
  • group

What NOT to wear!

  • White clothing

  • Black clothing

  • Stripes

  • Neon clothing


The Perfect Outfit!

  • Colors: red, yellow, green, blue, pink, brown, grey, purple and orange
  • Clothing that fit the type of character you are portraying. ex. Businessmen in grey suits; goths in purple or red; teens in bright colors; fashionistas in muted hues.
  • Hair, Make-up and Accessories appropriate to your character.

Have you signed up yet?

No? Sign up by e-mailing the information explained previously to Yes? Print the liberatoria, sign it, scan it and e-mail it if yo haven’t done so already. Don’t have a scanner? Bring it the day of the Flash Mob. Anyone who is recognizable on the video must sign a waiver/liberatoria. Are you under 18? Print the waiver/liberatoria_per_minorenni, have it signed by your parents/legal guardians, scan it and send it. Bring the original on the day of the Flash Mob shoot.

Are you ready?

Perfect! We’ll keep you posted with the next updates!

The Creative Team

The song Let The Music Unite Us! is competing in the pre-selecion for Eurovision. The song is co-written  and performed by Glenys Vargas & Kevin Ettienne. The production team behind this song are Luciano Zanoni and DJ Freddy the Groove. The very talented Marco Caverna will direct and film the Flash Mob as the official video of the song, which will appear on the pre-selection Eurovision websites and on Youtube. More information on Eurovision 2011 Share

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