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Tiburtina Fire in Rome Creates Major Delays

Major delays were caused due to a major fire on Sunday, July 24th at Tiburtina Station in Rome.

Many high-speed trains as well as most North-South trains pass through this station. Consequently, this has forced a disruption in most train schedules. Some trains have had delays of up to several hours. Others departing from Milan made it only as far as Florence.

While the Leonardo Express and trains travelling South of Rome are said to be unaffected, the increased number of passengers is creating further delays. The FR1-local line that passed through Tiburtina is running at 50% of its regular occurrence with many cancellations and, of course, delays.

If you think the fire at Tiburtina Station does not affect you because you are travelling via Termini Station, guess again. Termini Station in Rome is jam-packed with passengers scrambling to get on board their desired train. Many routes are overcrowded making Termini Station even more chaotic than usual.

The Metro B line, which runs below Tiburtina Station was not caught in the blaze. Although Metro B trains will continue to run, they will not stop at Tiburtina. If Tiburtine Station is your desired destination, get off at Piazza Bologna, which is a 7 minute walk distance.

During this peak-vacation period Alitalia has increased their flights by 50% in order to aid the increase of passengers.  The increased flights are mostly on the Northern routes such as Rome to Milan/Turin/Genoa/Venice/Verona/Trieste. They have doubled the availability of conveniently priced fares such as ‘Facile” and  ”Comoda” (Easy and Comfort)  as well as on one way fares.

EasyJet and RyanAir have not reported an increase in flights but are definitely worth a look due to their usually convenient prices.

Whether you are taking the train to the airport or anywhere else, I encourage you to plan ahead and leave plenty of time in order to get to your destination in time. Otherwise, try booking a shuttle, going by bus or taking advantage of the €40 fixed-price for Fiumicino Airport fare which is only available on official licensed cabs.

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  susie wrote @

Great note! I spent 3.5 hrs. yesterday evening waiting for my kids’ train to leave (reported to leave with a 10 min. delay)…125 minutes in the end!! Pay close attention to the boards and the announcements (although they are difficult to hear).

I am always complaining about Trenitialia, this time I must admit that their customer service is organized quite well. There are tens of multi-lingual ‘customer care’ attendants to help with travel problems and questions. It was not a great experience, but not as bad as it could have been!

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