Glamour Gets Green in Rome’s Natural Surroundings

There are not many places in the world where glamour chic and nature geek can meet eye to eye. Italy, however, is overflowing with glamorous nature hot spots. Rome is best known for its Historical Centre littered with random ruins amongst its glorious sites. When you are on your first visit to Rome, the eternal city, it is an absolute ‘must’ to see Rome’s top attractions. If, on the other hand, you have already seen Rome’s most famous views, then veer away toward a lesser-known but equally fabulous nature location. Rome is surrounded by a plethora of gorgeous green villages which feature medieval castles, lakeside cafés and fashionable boutiques mixed in with provincial folklore.

Trevignano is a just one of the numerous little towns where you can spend your day. At first glance this lakeside village with stunning views of Lake Bracciano may look like Lilleput, due to the strange-looking short doorways. Rest assured, however, that the population of Trevignano is normal sized. As you drive into this marvellous town, you will instantly be greeted by colourful variations of flowers which adorn balconies, terraces and walkways. The medieval architecture has been refurbished with chic, modern touches such as pink marble window panes and colourful stonework doorways. You can spend the day swimming in the lake with the swans, eat lunch at the picturesque restaurants and go shopping in a variety of local shops and boutiques or visit the local art galleries. The tea room serves high tea at any time of the day and is a delightful experience especially when the weather is crisp. It is the perfect ambiance to sit down and gather your thoughts in peace.
After the sun has gone to rest, you can continue to enjoy this village by taking a lovely stroll on the stony path that runs alongside the enormous lake. There are many cafés and a superb ice-cream shop on the northern end. The southern end, which you would enter from if coming from Rome, begins with the best lakeside restaurants which serve fresh fish caught in the lake, a variety of boutiques and the aforementioned tea room.

However, our favorite restaurant is right on the main piazza. You must reserve in advance as they are always booked solid if you drop by. I would tell you the name, but I fear not getting a table, so it is  secret you will have to discover once you visit. This restaurant will reserve your table for the evening, no further customers are expected after you have finished dining. There are always a few hopefuls waiting for the early-birds and one or two lucky couples manage to get a table. The rest, however, go on to try their luck elsewhere or they visit the pizza-by-the-slice restaurant, which has an excellent array of options, just north of the main piazza.

The majority of the people in Trevignano are well-dressed Romans who seek out a bit of tranquillity, but the low housing prices have also attracted quite a few Eastern European in search of the quality of life that Italy is famous for.
Trevignano is the perfect get-away spot for a day trip near Rome. It is enjoyable for all age groups and highly recommended.

After a relaxing day spent in Rome’s countyside, you will be re-energized and ready tohave an aperitivo in a chic Roman lounge and mingle with the natives once more! An amazing meal will be found regardless, but first learn how to recognize amazing restaurantss and avoid the typical tourist scams.


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