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  1. Dear Glenys,

    Over the last few weeks, I have been looking for a multi-cultural picture that represents the people in my church. I began looking thru search engines and typed in Multicultural Friends and the in your brochure of Italy picture, linked me to your webite.

    I came across this picture, and I knew immediately that the picture was exactly what I was looking for.

    I would like to discuss with you the opportunity to use the jpg picture

    I am considering using a photograph like this one on our church brochures to promote multi-cultural face of Everyday Christian Fellowship.

    My Pastor said he would be willing to pay something for copy of the original image, if it is available.

    I pray that you will carefully consider sharing your picture. I look forward to talking or hearing from you soon.

    Mega Blessings
    Greg Cunningham
    Outreach Coordinator
    Cell: 432.270.8111


    • Dear Greg,

      I do not have the original image as it was uploaded from a stock photo site. If you click on the photo and left-click ‘save image’ you can download it. You can use photoshop to increase the resolution and sharpness if necessary. However, I do not know if there are any legal issues when it is used for commercial purposes. This is a not-for-profit site. I make no money from this blog nor from the use of this photo. As far as I am concerned, feel free to copy it from here.


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