The world is at your feet…

When I lived in New York City, I had the world at my feet in terms of international cuisine, representatives from every country around the globe, opportunities, culture, languages; it was all contained within the Big Apple.

Once I moved to Rome, I still had the world at my feet, but in a more literal sense. Low-cost airlines make it possible to fly to many European cities for under $50. Its central location makes it easier to visit exotic locations as well, which are popular and economically accessible destinations. I tend to travel every weekend for the price of a meal at a nice restaurant.

No matter where you live, if you can get to an airport, the world is at your feet. You just have to take that step forward and explore the possibilities. I was fortunate to have a passport at two weeks old, which implanted the travel bug in my blood early on. Since then, I have seen over thirty-six states, hundreds of cities, within fifteen countries, throughout three continents. It is not enough. Each new city merely makes me thirst for more.

Performing has enabled me to visit places I never would have chosen otherwise. I am so very grateful for having been given those opportunities. I have gained a deeper understanding of people, language, culture and human nature. I have seen how the media portrays different populations and have experienced the reality, which the media omits. Travel is a learning experience that I enjoy on so many levels. Join me in revisiting these places which lie beyond Rome, I would love the company.


Beyond Italy…

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Beyond Rome…

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Stay tuned for posts on the following locations:

Luxembourg, Montenegro, Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia, Milan, Paris, Cinqueterre, The Bahamas and Lugano

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