Moving to Italy

I belong in Italy!

I first came to Italy during my year with the European Tour of Hair – the musical. Upon landing in Europe I had known that I would one day move to Europe. Although I had returned to New York City afterwards, I honed my craft as a performer and eventually packed up my life and moved.

Most expats who move here quickly fall into similar patterns. Since they do not usually speak the language upon arrival, their first friends are almost always other English-speaking expats. Settling in also takes a chunk out of your bank account since it takes some time to learn where to save money. Moving is already a difficult endeavor. It is not necessary to do it alone.

These articles will help you avoid the usual pitfalls in order to save time, money and help you enjoy the Italian experience you dreamed of.

Relocating to Italy: Home, Sweet, Rome, Florence or Milano

How Glenys Got Her Dream Apartment in Rome

Need a Job?

Learn the Language!

Making Friends in Italy

Getting Acquainted with Rome – The Love Affair Begins: Finding your way around Rome is not easy. These tools will certainly help you to become as knowledgeable as Google!

Cozying Up to Italy and Settling In: “You’re not in Kansas anymore!” Learn how to deal with the cultural differences in order to avoid pulling out your hair.

Avoiding Scams: Getting scammed can ruin any vacation but if you get scammed after you’ve moved to Italy, you might get stuck in a difficult situation. Learn what to expect in the eternal city and get street smart, fast!

Getting the best out of your new environment

Mangiare Bene: How to Pick a Top Restaurant in Italy

Rome Cheap Eats: Aperitivo

Roman Nightlife Sizzles!

Learn from my mistakes…

A Diva Arrives at Leonardo Da Vinvi…Airport

When Glenys Got Sick on the Roman Metro

Parioli: Living in Chic Central…sort of.

Cycling Around Rome…The best choice to getting around.

Unexpected Roma

La Dolce Vita…Evolves

In Rome with Me, Myself and I

August: Deserted in Rome

Rome’s African Quarter

Foreigners Strike in Italy on March 1st

Hit The Slopes Near Rome!

Celebrating your holidays abroad…

A Vargas Thanksgiving

Christmas in Rome & Beyond

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