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I love adventures and I am nothing compared to my boyfriend who inspires me to explore places that I would have never ventured into. Together, we are like a pair of children running in every direction imaginable in the desire to discover someplace new. Whether I am traveling for work or for fun, there are always unexpected situations that arise. Join me as I take you on a fantastic journey through a few exciting moments.

My Big Fat Eurovision Experience

Who were the divas? What was heard backstage! Gossip and crazy antics! The sweetest singers of Eurovision! What I loved and what I hated and everything in between. This is what happens when Americans perform at Eurovision and cultures collide until they transform into a warm embrace.

Snowed in at the Airport this Christmas:

Read about my adventure of how I ran through the airport, learned how to cut in line like a true Italian, translated for all the English speakers and risked my safety in order to make it to Naples for Christmas with my boyfriend’s family.

Chic Camping: The French Riviera & Provence:

This is how any high-maintenance girl and city guy should first go camping. If you can do this, then you can try to attempt harsher conditions. We explored the French Riviera during peak summer season, with no reservations, no map nor GPS. We cannot wait to return!

Secret Hiding Places of the Amalfi Coast:

When a couple of friends decided to visit during the summer, they had no idea what they were signing up for. This was one of the best vacations ever with one adventure tailing another.

Meeting Silvio Berlusconi: Italy’s Controversial Prime-Minister

He really is full of…

…some say ‘charm’, others say…

Hippies From Hair Invade Naples, Mafia is Confused!:

What happens when you get actors who are playing hippies and throw them in Naples where they meet face to face with street thugs? Now add in lots of wine, Dutch musicians and some crazy antics!

When Glenys Got Sick on the Roman Metro:

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you fainted on a crowded metro? Would gypsies rob you blind? Would you be left there abandoned? Would you be trampled? Read what happened to me.

How Glenys Got Her Strut Back!:

Height equals power and if you are not born an Amazon, you learn other ways of increasing your length, whether it be with your hair, shoes, or both. On the other hand, petite women usually grow in personality and are the envy of many statuesque romantics who dream of being whisked off their feet.

A Perfect Day in Rome:

All of my favorite things to do in Rome, crammed into 24 hours! Are you up to the challenge?

A Diva Arrives at Leonardo Da Vinci…Airport:

How do you get three giant suitcases past customs without having to open them?

Parioli: Living in Chic Central…sort of.:

When a dream apartment turns into a nightmare and how we escaped the Bulgarian thieves!

How Glenys Got Her Dream Apartment in Rome:

One always learns things along the way. Learn how to save time and money and find the apartment of your dreams.

A Hop, Skip and a Jump from Rome: The Isle of Ponza:

Includes the tale of the sea-snake! La murena!

Top Ten Things I Discovered in France:

Short and sweet and oh so delicious!

August: Deserted in Rome

If you do not do as the Romans do, you may live to regret it…then again, Rome without traffic, without loud Italian neighbors screaming at all hours of the day and with minimal tourists might just be what I needed.

City of Children: Antigua

Meet the happiest children in the world…

Divine Exploration: Swiss Style!

They say all roads lead to Rome. This one led to an adventurous surprise…

A Vargas Thanksgiving

Hollywood makes you think Thanksgiving is the same for everyone. Guess again.

Christmas in Rome & Beyond

When you come from a country that exudes Christmas from every pore, you imagine that Christmas in Rome will be the best of all. What this New York City girl experienced around Europe was completely unexpected, especially in Rome.

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